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Private Spanish Lessons Online

The private Spanish lessons at Learn with Sergio are ideal for individual practice and are very efficient because they are tailor-made for you! By making an appointment with me (Sergio) and discussing your goals, I will take into account where you come from and where you want to go when creating your personalized study plan. I know you are busy. Lessons are scheduled around your life and can be taken online via ZOOM once or multiple times per week.

Cómo Está Tu Español?

Each student learns differently; some learn by watching, others learn by doing it themselves, and others learn by listening. I like to understand my students and see how they know better. Once identified, I adapt my methods to their needs.

I  help and encourage my students to have a global mind and curiosity to learn. I was born in Spain in 1982 and travelled to the UK in 2013. I got married here and have two children. I was always a curious person, and I like to learn about other cultures. I have been to South Africa, Morocco, Dubai, Spain and England.



What Do I Teach?

During my Spanish lesson, I emphasize teaching elocution. Elocution is the study of formal speaking in pronunciation, grammar, style, tone, and the idea and practice of practical speech and its forms. It stems from the idea that while communication is symbolic, sounds are final and compelling. I want my student to progress and achieve their goals in the least possible time.

Spanish for Business

During my business lessons, I like to introduce real examples from my 20 years in business, preparing them to face the exam and real-life scenarios. The experience gives confidence to young students who will face their first job interview. My certificate in business skills from Anglia Ruskin University prepared me to teach the latest techniques used by employers to choose the right candidate. I teach my students how to create a good cover letter, CV, and interview scenario. 

Spanish Courses

The Best Course for You

GCSE and A-Levels

Sergio can help you to get ready for your exams, making easier to learn and get a good grade. Everybody learns differently, Sergio will make sure he uses the method which adapt better to you, by a first initial assessment.

Adult Tuition

Do you want to learn a new language? Are you travelling to Spain? Do you have to deal with Spanish people on regular basis? Whatever is the reason why you want to learn Spanish, Sergio will adapt the course curriculum,  in order to meet your real needs.


Spanish for working in a spanish company. This course also will help you with your Spanish employablity skills, learning how to make a CV and Cover letter in Spanish and how to talk in Spanish during your job interview.

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